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  3. Chairman's Address

    Wang Lianchun
Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd.,
    Wang Lianchun
    Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd.,

    Reaching Out Felicity And Integrity To The World

    Standing on a new starting point, we are full of excitement.
    With the spirit of great determination like Kuafu chasing the sun and the perseverance like getting flint’s fire, Yueda has experienced great hardships during its pioneering work in the past, the tear-drawing scenario of which leaves a painstaking but glorious chapter in history. Heroes appear in tough situations. Keeping the history in our mind and being grateful for yesterday, we will strive forward by inheriting the spirit of the founder and previous entrepreneurs.
    We cherish the current development all the more.
    Currently, Yueda has stepped onto the stage of a business income of 100 billion yuan with multiple industries of large scale, bringing about changes of development from nothing, from small to big and from big to strong.

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